Try it, discover it, create it.
Forget theory, SEO is much more

Try it, discover it, create it.
Forget theory, SEO is much more

Ramón García, spanish SEO consultant

I am Ramón García, spanish SEO and Online Marketing Consultant from Madrid.I experiment and try to understand every day a little more our great friend Google and I tell you about it in my blog. I’ve never liked to listen to people, so I do SEO my way.

In this SEO there is a lot written and nothing said. That’s why I want to show you how I understand these three letters and how I do it to climb the rankings. Of course, there are a thousand ways to do SEO and other fellow SEO experts have their perfectly valid methodology.

That’s why I want to tell you my point of view, the methodology that works for me and with which I help companies from different sectors to improve their traffic and income every day.

SEO is like a plant, you have to water it every day for it to grow.

This is how I work with SEO

Crawling and Indexing

A good SEO expert will work the crawling and indexing to the millimeter because it is imperative that we have controlled which urls can crawl Google and which can and are indexed in the search engine, as well as the technical aspects that influence this.


As a good consumer of Internet content, you know that the queries you make are in words. Therefore, analyzing and working on good content and studying the right keywords are a priority in my methodology as a SEO Consultant.

Link Building

The third fundamental pillar in my methodology as a SEO Consultant is the profile of inbound links a website receives. Therefore, I analyze and develop a link building strategy appropriate to each project to gain authority and improve rankings.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

For me, there is no point in winning visits if it is not to increase the number of clients and the income obtained. Therefore, I analyze all the factors that affect the conversion process in a website or online store in order to optimize them and improve the ratios.

Do you need help with your website’s SEO?

Do you need help with your website’s SEO?

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