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If you’ve come here, you want to meet me. And the truth is that I’m going to give you a little bit of a badge, because I’m going to tell you a long story, with fun stages, other exciting ones and others, perhaps, a little boring. But, here we go!

I am Ramon Garcia, a junkie of the new technologies. I research and experiment with everything that has to do with any electronic and computer element. Since 2010 I am devoted to SEO, my current profession. But how did I get here?

As I said, I have always liked to mess around with things that have to do with computers, electronics and programming. So much so that when I was 14 years old I took my first steps in programming, taking my father’s books, programming basic games like the mythical Pong! and trying physics with archaic programming languages (I loved discovering gravity in programming!)

Don’t think I’m a young prodigy either. I’m just very curious and have a little hobby: until I master something, I don’t stop.

Well, you’ll all say “this guy studied computer engineering”. Well, unfortunately, no. It’s my little big stumbling block in life, something I still regret, even though it has gotten me to where I am today (and I love it!). After stumbling through life, I ended up studying Business Administration and Management to finally get a degree in Sales and Marketing Management.

How did I get there? Let me explain. As I was saying, after stumbling around for a while not knowing what to do like many of the teenagers of my generation because of a somewhat antiquated educational plan in which they force you to follow rules, kill creativity and curiosity, adding to all this my restless and self-taught nature, I ended up discovering SEO.

In fact, I discovered SEO by chance. At that time, finding something in Google was practically mission impossible. So, I did some research and found out that there were ways to get a position in Google by creating optimized content for our friend/enemy, oddly named, colorful lettering company.

And all this was born trying to create blogs in Blogger and WordPress, until I started creating blogs and started positioning them. A very nice, fun, frustrating and interesting time.

Fun because I was expressing myself freely and getting results, traffic, comments and visits. Beautiful because I felt completely fulfilled with my new   “hobby”. Frustrating because, of course, Google made me fight with Google Adsense (indeed, I started monetizing and making money on the Internet!), and nice and interesting because I was learning more and more: tools, techniques, web programming languages…

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you’re a brave one. Now I want to tell you why I ended up in ADE and not in IT. Well, listening to people at a time when they lived very well (blessed pre-crisis era!), they suggested that I focus my life on Economics, Law, Business… Big mistake! I ended up studying Business Administration, learning business management methods, accounting, taxation… Come on, everything that has to do with new technologies (note the irony).

Well, since I liked it but not so much, and SEO is part of Digital Marketing, I thought the best option was to study Marketing. Error number two. Although, I have to say that one thing as well as the other has helped me to see life in a different way, of how things have to be done and how not, besides applying techniques of Marketing, Growth Hacking, team and process management and these things that a company does.

But, as I have always learned and it has led me here, it is with curiosity. People who read me, listen to me if you want to (and if not, you can), exploit your curiosity, believe in yourselves, if you think it can be done, do it!

Well, now I’m going to tell you a little bit about my professional life, what I’ve done and what I still have to do. Because, if you have come this far, you surely know that I don’t stop and that I always have a new challenge to face.

When I started to monetize blogs (not as well as I would like to as other SEO greats that you probably know, but well enough to earn an extra), I started my business adventure. This is where my training in SEO and Marketing helped me a little (I think this is the only positive thing I can get out of my training).

I sold websites, monetized blogs, optimized sites for SEO… My first steps on a “semi-professional” level. It’s true that everything was very amateur at the beginning, although it became more and more professional and is part of what I am now.

And, surely like many in my profession, my first experience was as an intern in a company. In particular, I started out in a communications agency. A very positive experience, where I met spectacular people and was able to start developing within a company.

I don’t want to bore you with my professional life. I will summarize. With the SEO I had a very fun youth (although I’m not that old hehe) and an interesting professional realization. I’ve managed to monetize blogs, I’ve managed to get clients to increase their turnover and I’ve learned every day of my life, and what I have left!

Currently I’m a SEO Consultant in one of the biggest PrestaShop certified Web Agencies in Spain, InnovaDeluxe, where I develop all my potential acquired in the last 10 years and where, of course, I learn every day.

“Why are you opening a blog now?” you might think. Well, even though I opened a personal website some time ago, I didn’t have much time and I didn’t have much to say, so I decided to close it. Now I want to tell you a little bit about my life in my blog, explain what tools I use, techniques I’ve learned and applied and some experiments I do.

So, this is me. If you’ve made it this far, I admire you. I have told you my life and now you know me a little more. So I invite you to come to my blog where I share my impressions about Digital Marketing and SEO. And, of course, I expect your comments in each of my articles that I hope you like.

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