If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I use different tools for each of the tasks I perform as an SEO. If you are not a regular reader of my blog, first of all, welcome :D! And, in second place, I summarize, an SEO without tools is like a carpenter without a hammer. By proxy, you can hammer a nail in, but it hurts like hell!

In this article I want to focus on extensions for Chrome, the browser I usually use. There are a huge amount of extensions for everything you can think of, some more useful, others a bit silly but quite funny (the one I must have laughed at installing NCage in other PCs! xD).

My Chrome extensions for my day to day SEO

If you’re into SEO, there are many free extensions that can help you out (or two), but I’m going to focus on my top Chrome extensions, the ones I use in my day to day life, my SEO Audits, my optimizations, my Machiavellian plan to get my projects off the ground, hehe. Let’s do it!

10. Mozbar

Let’s start with the basics. If you don’t know Mozbar, I don’t know what cave you’ve been in the last 15 years (to say a number and exaggerate). This simple extension can make our lives much easier, not only because of the Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics, which tell us the value of a page’s link profile according to Moz, but because of other resources that at least for me are useful.

To know at a glance where there are links and what kind of links they are, this tool is vital for me. It’s true that it fails sometimes as in images, but otherwise it goes perfect for knowing if a link is internal, external, dofollow or nofollow.

If you want to install Mozbar in your browser, get it by clicking here.

9. SEOquake

Another essential extension that cannot be missing from my Google Chrome and that I use every day. SEOquake is a SEMrush extension that provides us with SEO information of the website. I use it mainly to make a first x-ray of the website I’m dealing with, seeing approximate information of the traffic it receives and its sources or seeing at a glance some onpage factors.

You, dear faithful reader, surely know the SEOquake mega guide I made some posts. If you have landed on this article and want to know more about SEOquake, I recommend you to read it.

If you want to install SEOquake in your browser, get it by clicking here.

8. Block Analytics

block analytics
Another essential if you want to stop the nonsense of blocking your ips from Google Analytics and analyze the traffic in a clean way. Block Analytics is a very, very simple SEO extension for Chrome. As its name suggests, it blocks the traffic you make from your Chrome browser and does not dump it into Google Analytics. Of course, it does what it promises and in a very simple way.

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It certainly makes my life very easy and I recommend installing it to my clients when I audit their projects.

If you want to install Block Analytics in your browser, get it by clicking here.

7. Quick Click Website Audit

Quick Click Website Audit
I love Quick Click Website Audit, it’s an all-in-one SEO extension. With this Chrome extension we will have access to the most important tools for which actions. And, on top of that, for order freaks like me, it’s perfect, since each tool is in its own place and perfectly indicated for what it is used for.

When I want to do a WPO audit and see the loading times of a project, Google Pagespeed is at hand. If I want to analyze the link profile, I have access to Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs… As I told you, an all-in-one essential in my Chrome.

If you want to install Quick Click Website Audit in your browser, get it by clicking here.

6. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant
Tag Assistant becomes essential when monitoring and implementing tracking scripts on our website. It is really very useful when we are adding more complex events than inserting the Google Analytics pelao and mondao script.

If we want to monitor form conversions, a Google Ads campaign, or any action configured in our Tag Manager, the Chrome Tag Assistant extension gives us valuable information, such as whether the code is inserted but does not work properly, halfway, or does its function. We can even see if, even if we have added it, it is not being detected.

If you want to install Tag Assistant in your browser, get it by clicking here.

5. Toggle Pesticide

toogle pesticide
Well, I discovered this etension thanks to a fellow UX expert and Web Designer and, since then, it is not missing in my browser. Toogle Pesticide is a very simple but very, very useful extension. We can see, at a glance, every element of a website and the CSS applied to it.

This is really useful, since we can detect simply by putting the pointer over an element, what tag it has, what CSS is applied to it and its classes and ids. Okay, you may be thinking that this is specially focused on designers. And, in part, you’re right. But when we want to increase conversion rates by working on CRO strategies, extensions like Toogle Pesticide become indispensable.

If you want to install Toogle Pesticide in your browser, get it by clicking here.

4. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is, without a doubt, a SEO extension that cannot be missing from your browser. It is another very, very simple but absolutely essential Google Chrome extension.

I love this extension. Why? Well, because it’s a careful snitch. Wappalyzer tells us what a website is built with, if it is WordPress, PrestaShop, etc. It also tells us what code is being used and its version, what database is being used and even plugins. Yes, plugins! Wonderful, isn’t it?

If you want to install Wappalyzer in your browser, get it by clicking here.

3. Page load time

page load time
We reached my top 3 SEO extensions. Although any of the above could have made it onto the podium, Page Load Time is proving extremely useful to me lately, especially for monitoring load times at a glance.

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I use it, above all, to detect loading time problems in a website. While it is true that there are applications such as GTMetrix that are more accurate and going into detail, with Page Load Time I can get an idea of whether there are urgent problems with loading times on a website. This, at the time of making a SEO Audit allows me to know what I have to prioritize when making an analysis and subsequent optimizations. If you are sick of figures like me, you can’t miss it in your Chrome.

If you want to install Page Load Time in your browser, get it by clicking here.

2. Lighthouse

web developer
Well, well, well, this one does have the place it deserves, as the top 1 is reserved for a very special extension for me. If Page Load Time is useful for me to make an analysis at a glance and detect if there are loading time problems in a website, with Lighthouse I see in detail ALL, I repeat, ALL the optimization problems regarding the loading times of a website that Google takes into account.

This last one is very important, because let’s remember that we are optimizing for the big multicolor G. And, as I usually say to my clients, if Google likes it, I like it better. I want to remind you that Google’s Page Speed is based on Lighthouse metrics, so it’s not that I recommend you to install it, but if you don’t, you’re losing an essential point of view regarding the SEO of your website.

If you want to install Lighthouse in your browser, get it by clicking here.

1. Web Developer

web developer
And we arrive to my top 1, to the extension of the SEO extensions for Chrome that I use the most and that I love with all my being. Web Developer is great, and I’ll tell you why. If I want to analyze the title hierarchy of a website, I use Web Developer; if I want to check how the javascript of a website reacts, I use Web Developer; if I want to check any SEO codable action, I use Web Developer.

Do I need to keep giving you reasons why I use this Chrome extension? When I discovered it, it became my essential extension. It is true that from so many options it becomes “complex” to use (spend some time with it and, with a little imagination, you will know what to use and for what 😉).

If you want to install Web Developer in your browser, get it by clicking here.


I want you to know that there are hundreds of SEO extensions for Chrome and that, as I was told when I was a kid, every master has his own little book. The way I work, these are my must-haves and the ones I get results with.

Anyway, I’m always trying and catching up with new tools and I love discovering new things. So, if you have any extension you want to recommend, leave it in comments, I’ll try it and tell you what I think.

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