Internet users have become content devourers, increasingly demanding in terms of quality due to the large amount of content we have access to instantly. Therefore, we have become accustomed to obtaining the information we need quickly, becoming extremely selective and demanding.

Internet users do not read web content, they scan it

los usuarios ecaneamos el contenido

When creating new web content we must take into account the experience that the user or visitor has with our content. So much so that our consumer is looking for quality content that is simple, straightforward and easy to read. If we do not meet these minimum requirements, no one will read our content.

Also, as we mentioned, due to the saturation of information we receive daily, we have become extremely selective. So how do we know if the content we are dealing with is going to be useful to us without reading it? We scan it, i.e. we perform a quick F-shaped inspection by reading titles and highlighted phrases.

How do you create web content that generates impact?

The impatience and demands of the reader limit us greatly when it comes to creating web content. For this reason we must create them based on the following aspects:

Quality in our web contents

crear contenido de calidad

Although it may seem obvious, the quality of our web content is essential to make a good first impression on the consumer. That is why we have to:

  • Inform ourselves about the subject before creating the web content

A good knowledge base is the foundation of good web content. Before creating new content we must inform ourselves about everything we want to talk about. We were just talking about the huge amount of content on the internet, and this can be a good point to cultivate ourselves enough to produce quality content.

  • Give a personal view on the subject of our web content

And here’s the quiz: to be different, unique, interesting. There is a lot of information and, surely, our web content already exists on the internet. Now, how do we make the content we are going to create unique? We have already mastered the subject, we are experts in the field, and now it is time to show our reader that we are. To do this, we must provide our point of view, our way of interpreting and understanding it.

  • Using visual content, images and videos in our web content

To generate impact on our content is vital for the reader to be interested. The best way is to use visual content. Using images, videos or graphic elements such as computer graphics will help us and much to gain the attention of our reader.

SEO optimization of our web content

optimizacion seo contenido web

As you may know, SEO is fundamental to reach our audience. We can have the ideal content, perfectly written, usable, readable and interesting that if it does not reach your audience they will not read it.

When I talk about SEO, I always do the same thing: open a shop in an alley that nobody will visit. With SEO we can make our shop to be in an avenue full of people wanting to enter.

But how do we achieve SEO optimized web content? Let’s do it!

  • Determine the keywords that we will use in our content

Vital, essential, very important. We only have to use logic and think about our reader. How will he find us? What is the theme of my content? Knowing this we can start a quite effective content SEO strategy.

“A trick: a keyword longtail delimits our target and makes it easier for our content to reach the desired consumer”

I insist on the quality of the content. SEO over-optimisation penalises quality. We must avoid keyword saturation in our web content. Between 1% and 2% keyword/text ratio is ideal for our keyword. Tenth up, tenth down.

  • Introduce our keywords in the titles

Well, it seems obvious too, doesn’t it? The ‘little words’ that they find us by must be part of our main theme and how could they not be in all the content and, of course, in the title of the article.

Most likely it will be part of our key content points and we will refer to the main theme at some other time, right?

Google works with our logic and we have to make Google like our content so that it shows it to the world.

Use <H1>, <H2>, <H3> tags in your titles, following a logical hierarchy giving importance to what is important. IMPORTANT: DON’T USE MORE THAN ONE <H1> TAG PER CONTENT!!!

  • The use of bold and italics

Again, make your content relevant. What better way to tell the reader what is important than by highlighting it in bold italics? For Google this is very important, because just like our consumer, it quickly analyses our content. We must therefore tell him where the important thing is to read, which he must not fail to do under any circumstances.

  • Use attractive meta tittle and meta description to make an impact

This way they will see us in Google when they find us, a title and a brief description of our content. Again, vital to making an ideal first impression – let’s tell our audience and Google what our content is all about!

Conclusions about web content

The basis for them to read us is that our web content is attractive, readable and interesting. With this and a pinch of the magic of SEO we will manage to reach our target, our reader. Of course, it goes without saying that it is useless to reach that reader who is not interested in our subject.

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