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SEO Audit

An analysis of all the SEO factors that are essential for the positioning of your website. Indexation, content, backlinks, penalties… Leave your perfect website in Google’s eyes!

SEO Consulting

Constant and continuous monitoring of your project. A personalized strategy for your website and continuous advice to achieve climb in the Google rankings thanks to SEO Consulting.

Link Building

Do you need fresh, quality links? We will study the sites that best suit your project to get quality backlinks that will help you gain positions in search engines.

SEO content

Content, a fundamental pillar within the SEO factors. Quality web content optimized for SEO with a previous Keyword study. Scale positions with the best content!

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking to improve your website’s organic traffic, right? Well, you couldn’t have made a better decision for your business, since increase organic traffic web is the most stable way to get more potential customers.

By applying SEO strategies adapted to your business you will be able to reach your target audience wherever they are, since the Internet will be your showcase. Do you want to know how I can help you improve your website’s ranking? Read on!

I’ll tell you about my SEO methodology

The first thing you need to know is how I work on the SEO of my projects. That is, I have my own SEO methodology created after years and years of projects I have helped to improve their traffic and sales. And, all said and done, after fighting with Google’s algorithm and its constant updates (which are not few!).

The first thing I’ll do is to analyze the situation, make a first complete x-ray of your website to know the state in which we are and draw a plan of action detecting problems and opportunities to get to work. That is, I will perform a SEO Audit so that the web SEO strategy we implement is 100% adapted to your project and together we try to achieve the objectives we set.

There is no point in getting ourselves like headless chickens to carry out actions without a reason that can’t lead to anything good. And, worst of all, you will be spending money and not seeing results, which can frustrate you and lead you to make worse and worse decisions.

That’s why, once we are clear about which path we should follow, we will start implementing it together by going side by side to get the graphs to start going up. I will analyze, for example, if your link building strategy is correct or if it needs to be redirected, if the content of your website is optimized by the keywords of your business or if the coding of your website is focused on a correct crawling and indexing of search engine bots.

Thus, month after month, with patience, we will achieve measurable and quantifiable objectives, redirecting them if necessary, culminating in a perfect web SEO strategy for your business. Easy, right? 🙂

Why do you need to do SEO to improve the ranking of your website?

It’s no use having a nice website, with a great product and super competitive prices if your client can’t find you, right? To get you used to the idea, the same thing happens with a physical business. Imagine a store hidden in a dark alley where nobody passes by. The Internet’s the same way.

The same thing happens if you open a business in an inappropriate place, despite being crowded and frequented by hundreds or thousands of people every day. You won’t be bought.

Developing a SEO strategy to improve the ranking of your website will make your business visible to your audience. You will be able to show that cool website you have and those products or services so necessary for that customer who wants to buy but does not know you.

With a SEO strategy to improve the ranking of your website properly you will stop being in a dark alley to be in a great avenue full of potential customers who want to buy your services and products. You will be visible to them, you will increase your sales, your business will be more profitable.

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