I have prepared a SEO glossary with a breakdown of terms that I use on a daily basis. I’ve realized that I live with so much technicality that I take it for granted that everyone knows what rare acronyms like CTR, WPO or even SEO mean.

But of course, when I start talking people look at me funny and it’s at that moment when I have to say “hey, if you don’t follow me tell me and I’ll explain you anything”, to which they answer “well start from the beginning, because you’re talking to me in Latin!”

Who is the SEO glossary for?

As I said, this SEO glossary is intended to introduce you to the terminology and technicalities that I use on a daily basis and techniques that I apply in my projects. Both blog and ecommerce users, webmasters and those who are starting in the SEO world will welcome this guide of rare words.

Uses of the SEO glossary

Of course, understanding all the terminology and jargon that we have in SEO will be of great help to webmasters and clients to be able to perfectly apply the SEO techniques indicated in a report, for example.

This SEO glossary will also greatly enrich developers and future SEO professionals when they learn new terms or discover that some techniques they already use have a name. Believe me, there have been times when I have been told about a particular strange term and when it was explained to me I said “but I have been doing that since prehistoric times!

I hope you enjoy this guide!

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the methods of monetizing a website. Therefore, with the affiliation what we do is to sponsor the product or service of a third party, referring the advertiser with a unique url with which they can monitor the clicks coming from our website and, thus, charge a commission for the sale.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a measurement method that ranks a website among the million most popular on the Internet. To obtain the ranking it is based on some parameters among which the traffic and visibility of the website stand out.

Anchor text is the text by which you link to a url. This factor is important since it provides information about what is being linked to, being very important when doing SEO since this is taken into account by Google.



A backlink is a fairly popular term in SEO jargon. Backlinks are inbound links to our website, that is, hyperlinks that are found on other pages and link to a content or page within our website. Backlinks or inbound links can be dofollow or nofollow and, depending on the latter, convey to us page rank or authority.

Black Hat

Black Hat is the name given to search engine optimization techniques to speed up the process of climbing positions in search engines. They are techniques pursued by Google and, if detected, the website that has applied them can be penalized and de-indexed.


Baidu, or the so-called “Chinese Google” is one of the most used search engines in the world, although its use is mainly focused on China and neighboring countries.

Blog network

Blog Network is a set of blogs or websites managed by a single person or company. The blogs of a Blog Network can be of the same subject or not. They are normally used in order to position keyword niches and be monetized with Google Adsense, for example.



Canonical is a pretty important label. It comes from the canonical term, that is, from the original and primeval. This label should be used when there is a possibility of duplicating content, such as in the pagination of a blog or an ecommerce category, to tell Google which page to consider and thus avoid possible penalties.


Clickbait is a technique used to attract clicks and increase CTR. Clickbait or “click bait” consists of applying techniques to attractive titles, metatags or metadescriptions that attract the user’s attention and invite him to click when his curiosity is aroused.


Cloaking is a technique that consists of showing different content to search engine robots and users. It is a Black Hat technique used to fool the search engines, very effective if used well, in order to significantly improve web positioning.


A CMS is a web Content Management System also used to create and develop websites and online stores. It is very useful for both the user and the developer because of its simplification when adding new functionalities through modules or plugins. The best known are WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop or Magento.


CRO seeks to improve and optimize the conversions of a business, in our case an online business, by analyzing and studying consumer behavior and applying techniques that increase, for example, the average value of the cart.


CTR is an indicator that measures the number of clicks versus the number of prints measured as a percentage. In SEO, CTR is measured, above all, by the total number of clicks obtained in Google by the impressions you have received. This indicator shows us, for example, how relevant and attractive our metadata and metadescription is in relation to our competition.



A domain name is the name of a web page on the Internet. It is a unique name that is acquired through domain registrars such as GoDaddy, DonDominio or Banahosting and can be .com, .es or .org, for example.


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of Google’s tools for monetizing a website. With Google Adsense we can manage the ads that appear on our website, as well as the income received per ad.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords called one of Google’s tools for managing online advertising campaigns, now called Google Ads. If with Google Adsense we could manage the ads that appeared on our website, with Google Ads we could add advertising on those websites, mobile applications, Google Shopping campaigns or search engines.

Google Panda

The well-known Google Panda is a Google algorithm created in 2011 to penalize low-quality websites. Google Panda analyzes the quality of the content following some guidelines, such as that the content must be unique and of good quality. Many websites, in particular ecommerce sites, are penalized by Google Panda when copying the content of suppliers’ product descriptions, and these urls are even unindexed by the penalty.

Google Penguin is a Google algorithm created in 2012 to combat SPAM. Let’s understand SPAM as the creation of links to a website in an unnatural way. Before Google Penguin, creating links using SPAM tools was very common. Now, with Penguin, Google is looking for naturalness in obtaining links, penalizing sites that receive poor quality links or links that seek to modify search results through a manual link profile.

Grey Hat

Grey Hat is a set of SEO techniques that seek to improve search engine rankings by applying White Hat techniques and Black Hat techniques, the latter in a very controlled and manual way, such as link building. The main difference between a Grey Hat and a Black Hat is that the former tries to avoid techniques that are potentially penalized on Google, thus running less risk.



Hosting is a space on a server where you can host your website on the Internet. The hosting, along with the domain, are essential elements to have a visible website on the Internet.



Joomla is one of the most popular Open Source CMS. It is a content management tool that has a large community around the world, which creates and develops modules and add-ons to add functionality. Joomla is already on its way to version 3.x, regaining some of the popularity lost with version 2.x.



Keywords are terms or sets of terms by which we position ourselves in search engines. They are terms that users use when searching on the Internet, so it is the basis of SEO. A good content optimization based on target keywords will help us to increase the traffic and visibility of our website.

Keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is a fairly serious problem within a website. When different urls within a website try to attack the same keyword, we are cannibalizing that keyword. This is a serious problem, since Google does not detect which is the relevant one and all those that cannibalize will have serious problems to position.

Keyword long tail

A keyword long tail is actually a phrase that contains the target keyword. Normally, long tail keywords tend to respond to a particular search intent, being easier to position and having a higher CTR than a short tail keyword.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is a technique that consists of using a term an excessive number of times. Google Penguin penalizes sites that unnaturally attempt to alter search results using Black Hat techniques such as Keyword Stuffing.



A link s a hyperlink from a web page to another url through which the user will have access to information related to the content he is reading. Links can be exact urls, text or images.

Link baiting

We call Link Baiting a SEO technique for generating links naturally, such as creating quality content or computer graphics. For a company, Link Baiting would be ideal, since they are links obtained for free and a clear indication that the brand is a reference.

Link building

Link Building is a set of strategies to obtain links manually in order to manipulate the authority of a particular domain or url and thus improve search engine positioning.

Link dofollow

A dofollow link is a link that tells search engine robots that this information is relevant and should be followed by the bot. When using a CMS such as WordPress, generally all links will be dofollow unless otherwise noted. Dofollow links convey authority and strength to the linked url, thus improving the positioning of the url.

Link juice

Link Juice is a SEO technique that is applied on a website with the intention of distributing and transmitting authority to the site urls through internal links. This is an important factor when positioning a website, since search engines will understand which page is more relevant and will index it more easily.

Link nofollow

A nofollow link, unlike a dofollow link, is a link that does not convey authority. They are links that, through the rel=”nofollow” tag, we are telling the bots not to follow it. In this way, we’re limiting their access, but not the user, by functioning as a normal link. These links are recommended for external urls or to improve the internal linkjuice.

Link target _blank

A target _blank link is a link that, by means of the target=”_blank” tag, we are indicating to the browser that the destination page will open in a new tab.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a set of SEO techniques to position a business on the Internet according to its geographical location.



Magento is a CMS for the management and creation of online stores. It is a quite complex CMS both at user level and for developers. Thanks to its community, you can design and develop online stores in Magento with modules that add functionalities.

Meta description

Meta description is one of the meta tags that enrich the content that appears in search engines. A meta description is a short description of the page that, currently, must not exceed 160 characters, otherwise it will appear cut off in Google. It is very useful to add target keywords and a text that draws attention to increase the CTR.

Meta keywords

Meta Keyword tags were used to add the keywords for which the position is sought and helped positioning in Google. Currently Meta Keyword tags have become obsolete for positioning in Google, although they are still essential for positioning in other search engines such as Baidu.

Meta tag

Meta tags are pieces of code in the form of metadata that are inserted in the head of the website and indicate certain information to search engines to facilitate indexing, such as meta title and meta description tags.

Meta title

Meta title is a meta tag that tells search engines the title of the page to be indexed, which should not exceed 70 characters. Meta title is a very important factor of the SEO On Page, being fundamental to optimize it to improve the positioning in Google.


Negative SEO

Negative SEO are SEO techniques used on competing websites with the intention of being penalized by search engines. Negative SEO is very frowned upon within the SEO community.


We talk about Niches in SEO to potentially positionable and profitable sectors, either through advertising, affiliation or with ecommerce.



We know Pagerank or PR to a metric used by Google to rate websites, which measures authority. The parameters that follow the Page Rank are the quantity and quality of links that a website receives. Since 2016 Google does not update the PR publicly, although it is still a key factor for web positioning.


The term PBN or Private Blogging Network is used when talking about blogs created solely with the intention of manipulating the authority of a website in order to quickly improve web positioning. PBNs are used as a link building strategy within Black Hat, so they are quite dangerous and the risk of penalty is very high.


We call WordPress add-ons or modules Plugins. Thanks to the wide community that WordPress has, there are Plugins for almost everything, whether free or paid, adding features unthinkable in the early days of this CMS, making it even a complete online store.


PrestaShop is the most popular CMS for creating online stores. This CMS is capable of creating and managing an online store in an integrated way and that, thanks to its community, we can count on an infinite number of modules adding an endless number of functionalities.



Robots.txt is a text file located in the root directory of our server. The Robots.txt file has the functionality of telling search engine bots what kind of content to crawl and index.


SEO Off Page

We understand the SEO Off Page as the SEO techniques applied outside our website to increase the authority and improve the positioning in search engines. We mainly talk about obtaining links through Link Building and Link Baiting strategies.

SEO On Page

The SEO On Page are all those actions applied within our website in order to improve web positioning, such as Structured Data Marking, techniques to improve the Link Juice, content optimization or technical factors such as loading speed.


Sitemap is a file that lists all the pages of the website that are normally indexable in .xml format. It is a very important element for web positioning as it helps search engines to understand our site.


The term Spam is used as those unwanted messages from unknown senders, usually by email. We also talk about Spam to automatically sent and published content, usually junk content.


A Subdomain is an extension of the domain name. The Subdomain is located within the domain, although it functions independently. They are used to arrange the content of a web page that should not be in a directory within the domain, such as the client area.



The term URL is derived from the acronym Uniform Resource Locator. We understand URL as the address that appears in the navigation bar, an address that is unique on the Internet.


White hat

We understand White Hat as the set of SEO techniques that apply Google’s best practices to position on the Internet. They are techniques without risk of penalties from Google.


WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin to have an online store within our website. WooCommerce has its own community that develops extensions to make an online store with all the functionalities that an online business may need.


WordPress is a CMS for creating and managing websites. In its beginnings, WordPress was created with blogging in mind, although it has developed into one of the best CMSs on the market. Behind WordPress is the largest community of popular CMSes, having an endless number of plugins that complement it.


WPO stands for Web Performance Optimization. It is a set of techniques to optimize the loading times of a web page, being fundamental to position in Google.



Yoast is WordPress’ most popular SEO plugin. Yoast helps us to optimize our website created in WordPress being able to create a Sitemap, modify the robots.txt file or the meta tags title and meta description of each page or article, in addition to giving us important information for the optimization of the content of our website.



Yoast is WordPress’ most popular SEO plugin. Yoast helps us to optimize our website created in WordPress being able to create a Sitemap, modify the robots.txt file or the meta tags title and meta description of each page or article, in addition to giving us important information for the optimization of the content of our website.

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